Our Concept

Coming Together

The neighbourhood centre forms an inviting entrance area of the Social Centre. It intends to enable all people to meet, exchange, network and above all, provide low-threshold access to all offers and opportunities offered by the centre. Beyond that there are event- and exhibition rooms available. 

Rooms of different sizes and furnishings allow them to be used for a wide variety of occasions and are to be available to all residents of Göttingen.

We want:

  • easy access and an inviting atmosphere
  • dynamic hubs for our neighbourhood
  • vivid places to meet

The Neighbourhood centre is a place of community and coming together. It provides space for everyone to use and shape freely. The basis for this is a kitchen, a hall, a workshop and various work rooms as well as cleaning- and washing facilities.

All according to the motto: creating a self-organisation from the neighbourhood for the neighbourhood

Offers such as a self-help workshop for bicycles and a communal kitchen as well as various group rooms form the framework for active togetherness

We want:

  • Slef-help groups, open renter-advice, etc.
  • Bicycle self-help workshops
  • Neighbourhood-cooking



At the Solidarity Health Centre, we want to help everyone feel better and stay healthy in a holistic way. This means that we don’t just take care of physical illnesses, but also mental health problems and the issues in life that can make us healthy or sick.We have many different experts working together to provide the right care for everyone. This offer is for everyone, regardless of their own situation.

The Solidary Health Centre is organised in the nationwide polyclinic syndicate. There we cooperate with already existing health centers, such as Berlin or Hamburg.

In the Solidarity Health Center, we want to focus on the following things:

  1. Primary care: This means that we provide basic medical help and advice if someone is ill or has questions about health.
  2. Community work: This means working with the people around us to help everyone become healthier. We can do projects that are specifically tailored to the needs of our community. We offer a space to exchange ideas and come together. And we’re working with other organizations in the city to make that happen.
  3. Prevention and health education: We don’t just want to treat diseases, we also want to help prevent them from developing in the first place. We do this through education and tips for a healthier life.
  4. Coordination & Evaluation: We want to make sure that everything we do works well. This includes coordinating our work and checking whether it brings our intended success.

We want:

  • Health-Care for everyone
  • Networking of medical, psychological and social counselling, care and prevention services
  • Strengthening community work and education around the topic of health

The offer for children and young people between the ages of 6 and 26 is a free and diverse programme with freedom to participate. Here, all young people get the opportunity to exchange and implement their own ideas.

An open kids’- and youth club is intended to offer young people a space regardless of personal backgrounds and financial possibilities. Activities such as movie nights, children’s disco, cooking together and much more can take place here.

In addition to a cozy interior, there are books and games as well as the possibility to use computers.

The group meetings of the children’s and youth association Die Falken also take place here and enable young people to organize themselves.


We want:

  • Child- and Day-Care, inclusive groups for children with and without refugee experience
  • Group rooms for children and networking in the city centre
  • Open space for sustainable co-creation of the neighbourhood

Child- and Youth-Work